Yoga & Meditation

Your body needs to be in harmony with nature.

The word ‘yoga’ itself means ‘union’. If practiced regularly, yoga can be the most magnificent source to unify your mind, soul, body, with nature. The practices [Kriya,asana, pranyama etc.] in yoga aid in bringing your body systems in synchronization with each other.

Nimba Nature Cure Village’s unique yoga therapy practices help in bringing about an integrated rejuvenation of the body, mind, intellect and spirit

Therapeutic Yoga
Aquatic Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga Nidra is a relaxing technique. You rest your body on the floor and meditate along with allowing the body to heal itself.


A set of six yogic purification techniques which are performed to eliminate toxic elements from the entire body.

  • - cleansing of the body

  • - Strengthens internal organs

  • - Impacts positively on body and mind

  • - Gets rid of diseases


One of the yoga kriya, Trataka helps improve eyesight. However, in this process, the eyes are open and involve staring at one point, dot or a flame.

  • - Improves concentration

  • - Improves the health of the eyes

  • - Attains peace of mind

  • - Thoughts can be controlled

  • - Reduces stress and tension

Aquatic Yoga

It is performing yoga poses in the water. Due to buoyancy of the water, the practices becomes easier for those who are restricted to practice advanced yoga.

  • - Relaxes your mind and body

  • - Maintains a balance

  • - Reduces anxiety

  • - helps gain muscle strength