In this age of mainstream health care dictating the terms,
it is difficult to realize the genuine, long-term benefits of traditional healing practices.

There is no medicine as strong as the healing properties of nature. A combination of traditional therapies, healing remedies and healthy habits, Naturopathy provides your body with the innate power to heal itself. In fact as naturopathy has three major aspects of healing-prevention, cure and promotion of health, it appears to be the only effective regimen that is likely to contribute to achieve the total health most.

Nimba has an ensemble of the best doctors in the field of Naturopathy who have carefully developed this therapy program in a way that they could pull out the root cause of your problem and address it so that there is no hindrance in your journey of achieving the highest degree of physical, psychological, and spiritual health.

Manipulative Therapy
Diet Therapy
Spine / Foot Bath
Hydro Therapy
Mud Pack
Vibro therapy
Colon Hydrotherapy

Manipulative Therapy

A popular treatment that dates back thousands of years, is used to trigger muscle knots and often to treat a variety of health purposes. A process where rubbing and pressing the muscles and other soft tissues of the body is carried with variety of scientific movements

  • - Relieves stress and stiffness

  • - Boosts metabolic rate

  • - Tones muscles

  • - Improves blood circulation

  • - Achieves youthful look and increases energy


A proper bowel movement for evacuating waste are necessary for our body to function in the right way. And if one is facing a problem to do so, enema is your answer to the imbalance caused in your body. Regularize your digestive system with the help of enema. Enema given with normal/neutral/warm/herbs-infused water is based on the status of your health.

  • - Removes stagnant fecal matter

  • - Treats constipation

  • - Boosts the absorption of nutrients

  • - Cleanses the end part of your colon

Diet Therapy

Naturopathy is the perfect way to take good care of your body and provide all the nourishment it needs. Diet Therapy helps you to get your mind and body on the right track by getting into the habit of eating right and healthy food.

  • - Eliminative diet that detox the system

  • - Soothing diet Helps to improve digestion

  • - Constructive diet Body building /rejuvenating diet

Spine / Foot Bath

A soothing way to calm your central nervous system, Spinal Bath Therapy is quite effective. The combination of hot and cold water used in therapy mixed with healing salts treat various health issues.

  • - Stimulates blood circulation

  • - Relieves stress

  • - Reduces anxiety and blood pressure

  • - helps in good sleep

  • - Ideal for back pain

Hydro Therapy

“Apo vai Bheshajam” means water is indeed sick man’s medicine (Krishna Yajurveda 3.111) Water is an essential part of all life on earth. And when it comes to therapy, water is a great way to do so. Hydro Therapy can be performed with hot,neutral,cold and ice cold temperatures using the great force of it on muscles and deep-lying tissue layers. It is an intense and effective way to relax your muscles.

  • - Reduces muscle spasms

  • - Strengthens muscles and joints

  • - Improves sleep

  • - Good for your heart

  • - Combat pain and reduces stress levels

Mud Pack

One of the important elements of nature, mud is infused with various minerals and fresh herbs that impact positively on our body when applied. A mudpack offers more than you could imagine. It absorbs harmful toxins from your skin and cleanses it thoroughly.

  • - Reduces body temperature

  • - Treats digestion problems

  • - Relieves headaches

  • - Good for the skin

  • - Acts as a cooling agent

Vibro therapy

Has stress taken over your body? Release the tension with Vibro Massage. The process includes advanced technique which utilizes powder and high-tech vibrators to massage the whole body or a specific body part.

  • - Relaxes and tones underlying muscles

  • - Improves blood circulation

  • - Releases stress and pain

  • - Creates a sense of invigoration

Colon Hydrotherapy

Our body is filled with not only blood and water but also contains unnecessary fluids and toxins which may be harmful to our digestive system. Colon Hydrotherapy, also known as 'colon cleansing' can reap numerous health benefits.

  • - Cleanse digestive system

  • - Maintains pH balance

  • - Reduces fatigue

  • - Improves the functioning of the digestive system

  • - Helps losing weight and increases energy