Nimba nature care
Living Space Single Occupancy (per night) Double Occupancy per night)
Amukha INR 6,500 INR 11,000
Sumukha INR 7,000 INR 12,000
Pramukha INR 7,500 INR 13,000
  • The tariff is on nightly basis and inclusive of accommodation, meals, consultations, and regular treatment charges. A few personal and special treatments, however, are on chargeable basis.
  • The tariff is subject to change without prior notice. Price ruling at the time of stay will apply.
  • Minimum duration of stay 5 (five) nights as Nimba is result oriented and committed to helping individuals in achieving specific health and healing objectives.
Packages / Programs Nights Room Type Single Occu. Double Occu.
Experience the healing power of naturopathy: Only to let you feel the amazing changes
Natural ways of life can bring about in you even in a brief stay
5 Amukha 32500 55000
Sumukha 35000 60000
Pramukha 37500 65000
Wholesome Detox - Designed to flush out toxins, and let you experience an inner cleansing,
enhancing the vitality and overall well-being
7 Amukha 45500 77000
Sumukha 49000 84000
Pramukha 52500 91000
Immunity Enhancement - Designed to help you discover your inner strength with
a feeling of getting healthier with every passing day
10 Amukha 65000 110000
Sumukha 70000 120000
Pramukha 75000 130000
Lifestyle Disorder Management - Designed to improve quality of life by
this dedicated program of prevention, control and care
15 Amukha 97500 165000
Sumukha 105000 180000
Pramukha 112500 195000
Annual Wellness Package - Good habits are to keep, and no one would miss
it when it is so dear
50 Sumukha 5500 275000
Pramukha 6000 300000