Natural Arthritis Treatment

Dr. Hetal Sakaria

Dr. Hetal N Sakaria (PT) post graduated from Saurashtra University, Gujarat with specialization in Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapy. Dr. Hetal has been the Head of the Department, Principal Physiotherapist at Nimba Nature Cure since November 2020.she has vast experience in treating orthopedic,neurological and cardiovascular conditions with her extreme knowledge in performing manual techniques like all Mobilization Technics, Myofacial Release technique, muscle energy Technique, kinesio taping and also using electric modalities like ultrasound, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator, Interferential therapy, Electrical muscle stimulator Short wave diathermy.In addition, Sports Medicine and has been a Physiotherapist for many sporting events. Her approach for physiotherapy is a balance of exercise and hands-on rehab from the acute and chronic phase all the way to returning to normal activities of daily life. Outside of work Dr. Hetal enjoys spending time with her family, playing badminton with friends and doing art activities.