The Story of Nimba

Good health is the testament of a full life.

Stemming from the ancient Indian scriptures, Nimba is a proverbial tree that houses unparalleled health benefits and is the symbol
of wholesome and perennial health.

One of the largest naturopathy centres in India, Nimba Nature Cure Village is the repository of the beneficial synergies of the mind,
body and soul. Flourishing with serenity, freshness and lush greenery, the centre promotes and enhances the power of nature.

We are committed to the awakening of crucial equilibrium of the five basic elements of life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space.
At Nimba, you have the chance to explore the realms and depths of physical, psychological and spiritual health with gentle guidance by professionals.

Our entire process of healing and elevating your health is done with an impeccable amalgamation of modern science, traditional practices and ancient wisdom.

So, to experience the holistic force of wellness, trace your steps to Nimba. We are just the catalyst for life-altering healing of the soul and healthification of the body, all the magic of organic and natural wonders come from within.

wholeness of nimba

Nimba is a mystical tree, every part of it overflowing with nourishing, selfless qualities. Our healers are just as treasured as the Nimba tree is. The roots welcome you with Asana, where we can accommodate you with honour. It’s bark acts as our Ashray, as we support you in this wonderful experience of wellness. Just like the branches of the Nimba tree bestow us with Sharan, our aim at Nimba is to protect you from diseases and ailments. The Virya, the cooling energy of the leaves teach us to provide you with utmost relaxation and energy. You are our Humsafars, our companions, and we welcome you to an exquisite journey of health and healing.

Wholeness Of Nimba
Our Vision - Our Mission

our vision : Our vision is to help and inspire people to live a healthier, longer and better life by following a lifestyle that is natural, so that their innate immunity is enhanced and they are better prepared to face lifestyle related, non-infectious, preventable diseases.

our mission :Our mission is to introduce and implement a regimen of drugless, natural, prophylactic treatments and promote related lifestyle so that the society at large maylead a healthier life naturally.

Good health is the testament of a full life.