COVID-19 Rehabilitation Helps People Regain Their Physical and Cognitive Abilities Post Illness

COVID-19 Rehabilitation Helps People Regain Their Physical and Cognitive Abilities Post Illness

By: Nimba - April 9, 2021

Many people who have suffered from the effects of this disease might now be at risk of long-term impairment which is unknown yet, but a rehabilitation program for the covid-19 patient is to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the health and function of people.

The rehabilitation program includes:

      1. Pulmonary rehabilitation
      2. Cognitive rehabilitation
      3. Mental health support

Complications of COVID-19

COVID-19 can affect the body in a variety of ways. While 81% of people experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without treatment, 14% develop severe symptoms that can last several weeks or months.

      1. Lung damage
      2. Heart damage or inflammation, such as myocarditis or pericarditis
      3. Cognitive impairments that affect memory or concentration
      4. Conditions that affect the blood vessels, such as clotting
      5. Lasting effects from complications, such as heart attacks, stroke, or pulmonary embolism
      6. The mental effects such as anxiety, depression, or trauma
      7. Muscle or joint pain
      8. Chronic fatigue in the body
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation:

The very 1st symptom of COVID-19 is decreased Oxygen level, shortness of breath, these can have long-term effects on lung function. Chronic illness can affect the lungs, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Pulmonary rehabilitation through respiratory yoga therapy and respiratory physiotherapy helps in

      • Reducing shortness of breath
      • Improving lung capacity
      • Managing any respiratory complications
      • Reducing the impact of respiratory symptoms on mental health

Specific interventions through Yoga can ease symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Breathing exercises (Pranayama) include

      • Training to adjust someone’s breathing rhythm
      • Techniques to strengthen the breathing muscles
      • Expectoration training, which helps someone clear mucus from the airways

Treatments through Naturopathy and Ayurveda:

      1.  Hydrotherapy – Asthma bath, Hot Foot and Arm Bath
      2.  Acupuncture
      3.  Uro Vasti
  •  Cognitive rehabilitation:

COVID-19 can also impact the nervous system, including the brain. 


      • Memory problems
      • Trouble concentrating
      • Brain fog
      • Dramatic mood changes
  • A loss of taste or smell

People with severe COVID-19 may also experience cognitive changes. Up to 80% of people who receive ventilation can experience delirium, which can include hallucinations. For critically ill patients who do not need ventilation, the condition affects 20–40%.

Cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CRT) can help manage or potentially recover hallucinations.

CRT helps to strengthen cognitive abilities. This may include:

      • Memory training
      • Speech therapy
      • Mental exercises
      • Psychological support for people who feel confused or disoriented

Yogic intervention in Cognitive Rehabilitation:


      1. Deep Relaxation Techniques
      2. Yoga Nidra
      3. AUM-kara Meditation
      4. AUM-kara Chanting
      5. Simhasana
      6. Bhramari Pranayam
      7. Bhasthrika
      8. Kapalbhati

Mental health support:

Patients who spent long days in the hospital are prone to psychological trauma. Trauma may cause anxiety, depression, or disassociation, which refers to a feeling of disconnection from a person’s thoughts, feelings, or experiences also. 

 It is important to accept that it will take time to recover physically and psychologically. It can be useful to set small realistic goals to help you see your progress and feel better about yourself. 


      1. Psychological Counseling
      2. Hypnotherapy
      3. Raga therapy
      4. Energy Healing
      5. Activities that ease stress and anxiety, such as yoga or mindfulness

Care for your body after Chemotherapy treatment

Care for your body after Chemotherapy treatment

By: Nimba - April 2, 2021

The term cancer is depressing in itself, but now days frequency of cancer survivorship has improved than from before. As per WHO, 2.25 million Indians are living with cancer, with over 1.1 million new cases being registered every year.
As per majority, cancer is a life-changing event. The painful journey of cancer begins from the day of diagnosis and continues until the final day of chemotherapy. Life after chemotherapy has its own challenges. It leaves long-term impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Cancer is a deadly disease that affects people socially, emotionally, intellectually, and financially.
Cancer generally happens when the normal control mechanism of body fails and there is uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in human body. Old cells remains and new abnormal cells develop uncontrollably. These abnormal cells in bulk develops tumor.
We are already aware of the fact that chemotherapy have its own negative effects. The drugs used in chemotherapy are used to kill the fast-growing cells of cancer. The chemotherapy drugs spreads all across the body which damages the healthy cells of body too. The side effect happens when healthy cells of body are damaged. Chemotherapy focuses just more than disease. Few side effects can be treated easily and some causes major problem. 
Following are the side effects commonly experienced by cancer patient:
  • Body ach and Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Mind-body restlessness
  • Hair loss
  • Easy bruising and bleeding, dry mouth, burning sensation 
  • Appetite change – weight gain or weight loss
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • Diarrhea and constipation 
  • Mood swings
  • changes in sexual desires
  • Fertility issues
  • sometime changes occurs in physical appearance also 
Traditional therapies such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are really helpful in saving patient's life. Patients can expect better results with the combination of integrative therapy with such treatments. Combining traditional and alternative therapies is the best method for any cancer treatment, and it also helps to minimise the negative effects of chemotherapy and drugs used to treat cancer. Naturopathy, acupuncture, exercise, meditation, yoga, massage, diet and nutrition, and other techniques can significantly reduce cancer related chemotherapy side effects.
Our experts at Nimba health village recognise that everyone's mind and body work indifferently. Out doctors at Nimba health village come up with the effective combination of therapies to help patients cope with the most common side effects.
Supportive care services include:
  • Diet and Nutrition therapy help to restore digestive health, and prevent malnutrition and nutrient deficiencies, during and after cancer treatment. 
  • Naturopathy therapy promotes energy by enhancing natural ability of body to heal itself.
  • Acupuncture works by stimulate the body's specific points to alter the nervous system. It works best for physical pain relief, nausea and vomiting, dry mouth, etc.
  • Physical exercise to rebuild strength and overcome some of the physical effects of treatment
  • Mind-body medicine help to improve emotional well-being through promotes positive thinking, lowers stress, anxiety and depression, improves mental wellbeing, 
  • patient counselling help to deal with mixed emotions of daily life challenges that cancer can cause.
Cancer causes physical and emotional stress, so it’s critical to take care of yourself. Our aim behind 14th days cancer retreat at Nimba health village is to get rid of toxins that have accumulated in body during chemotherapy and also helps the body in improving its immune system. The mental and physical recovery is discussed in post – cancer retreat which is absent in traditional system. It generally aims at improving the life of patient by providing assistance in improving mental, physical and emotional well-being by reducing fear, anxiety and depression. This concept also helps in development of trust and personal skills.

Want to Quit Smoking? Naturopathy Can Help You

Want to Quit Smoking? Naturopathy Can Help You

By: Nimba - March 23, 2021

  • What causes people to smoke? When we polled people, we learned that smoking boosts stamina, helps us to stay awake for longer while driving, while under stress at work, and so on. Some people believe that smoking makes them more alert and concentrated, as well as relaxes them. Research shows that smoking increases dopamine levels in the brain, increasing feelings of satisfaction and pleasure, and also strengthens the urge to keep smoking.
  • Majority of smokers began when they were teenagers. Those who have smoking friends and/or parents are more likely to begin smoking earlier than those who don’t. Research shows that genetic factors also play a major role in whether or not a person becomes addicted to nicotine. Also, people who are going through a difficult work/life process, have lost a loved one, or have been affected by social groups/media, etc.
  • Nicotine, which is highly addictive, is the main component of cigarettes. Nicotine has a wide range of effects on the body, including the brain. Within 10 seconds, nicotine enters your bloodstream and reaches your brain. It causes the brain to release adrenaline, which produces a pleasant and energetic buzz. However, the buzz dissipates quickly. Then you may feel tired or depressed, and you may crave that buzz again; this is how nicotine addiction develops.
  • Behind feeling of pleasure, Smoking has numerous negative effects on the body, including eye vision, lungs, brain, heart, cavity and gums, immune system, fertility, sex life, and skin.
  • Our 14-day De-Addiction Retreat Program at Nimba health village teaches the benefits of a smoke-free lifestyle to those who are willingly want to live an addiction-free life. Our goal is to learn why and how you become addicted to smoking, as well as how smoking negatively affects your entire body and life, as well as your family environment, especially when you have kids around you.
  • Nearly 70% of smokers claim they want to quit smoking when they acknowledge the benefit of quitting smoking. But the success rate of quitting smoking without assistance is as low as 3-5 percent. Since nicotine withdrawal symptoms include unpleasant physical and emotional responses such as depression, frustration, insomnia, or anxiety, exhaustion, restlessness, and irritability, Withdrawal symptoms are the main reason for de-motivation for quitters. Nicotine dependency is what makes it difficult for most people to quit smoking.
  • The main aim of this program at our Nimba health village is to assist you in overcoming trigger points through natural treatments and a holistic approach. We not only empathize with stopping smoking, but we also recognize and address the smoking causes with our therapeutic rituals, which include Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Personalized Meditation, Diet and Nutrition, Breathing Exercises, Reiki Healing, Raga Therapy, and Counseling Sessions to detox and recover from smoking/nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The program ensures that you become both mentally and physically healthier.

Our professionally trained doctors develop a personalized treatment plan for you that includes the best and most reliable methods for quitting all nicotine-containing products. It is necessary not to give up after many attempts at stopping smoking. If you need clinical assistance, we provide one of the best environments for “kicking the habit/getting rid of”. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist and inspire you in your efforts to quit smoking.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit a Naturopath

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Visit a Naturopath

By: Nimba - March 18, 2021

Naturopathy believes in healing power of nature which supports and stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal from inside. The goal of naturopathic medicine is to treat the whole person which means mind, body, and soul. It is a non-invasive, drugless holistic approach to treating all aspects of a person’s health effectively. It also emphasizes on strengthening the body’s natural defenses. Naturopathic practices treat underlying disease & disorders & restores natural body functions by encouraging the body’s own healing capabilities.

Healing capacity can be strengthen by (Aachaar) – Right Conduct (Vichaar) – Right Thinking (Aahaar) – Right Food Patterns (Vihaar) – Right Everyday routine. Naturopathy promotes positive thinking, lowers stress, anxiety and depression, improves mental wellbeing, enhances positive views, boosts optimism, improves one’s ability to cope with health-related issues. It argues that health and disease are linked to issues far beyond just germs and infection—everything, that occurs in your life is interconnected.

A range of therapies are used to support the person. Therapies may include nutritional medicine, dietary advice, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, clay therapy, sun bath, lifestyle advice, and tactile therapy, such as massage, acupressure, su-jok etc technique. The foundations of naturopathy are based on the importance of a healthy diet, clean fresh water, sunlight, exercise and stress management.

Naturopathic Doctors recognize the equal importance of mental health to physical health and Naturopathic medical treatments are designed to help people achieve balance on both levels.

Naturopathy helps with chronic diseases, such as-

  • Respiratory problems
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome 
  • Disorders of sleep
  • Degenerative illness such as arthritis
  • Depression and emotional problems 
  • Digestive problems 
  • Menstrual and menopausal problems 
  • The problems of fertility
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Migraines
  • The conditions of the skin
  • Hair fall issues
  • Obesity
  • Naturopathy medicine is best option for those who are suffering from chronic illness and who are looking for combination therapy to reduce side effects of drugs and surgeries. Conventional doctors generally address and treat the symptoms of disease by using prescription therapies or surgery, Whereas Naturopathic practitioner find and treat the cause of the diseases from acute to chronic and physical to psychological diseases. However, since the focus isn’t solely symptom relief, you won’t see results overnight— nothing miraculous is going to happen. Treatment takes longer than standard treatment. It is not suitable for medical emergencies likes fracture, trauma, accidents, cancer and other conditions that necessitate hospitalization but after that one should seek support from nature-therapist for long- term follow up Naturopathy treatment.

    Naturopathic medicine is the art and science of disease diagnosing, treating and preventing illness using multiple treatments depending on the individual requirements. It employs the use of natural supplements, herbs, botanical remedies, Nutrition & diet, Massage therapy, Meditation, Lifestyle counselling, performing reiki & acupuncture, or facilitates a powerful combination of these treatment options.

    Principles of Naturopathic Medicine

    1. Do not harm/Harmless treatment plan

    It is believed that health can be brought to its former glory simply by modifying one’s lifestyle and resolving external factors. It helps the body’s healing powers by using safe and effective non-pharmaceutical approaches. A naturopathic practitioner will customize recommendations for the individual. It is a pure natural remedy, even if it doesn’t help, surely won’t do any harm. Naturopathic Medicine can recognize the underlying multi-factorial causes and offers safe, effective and reliable approaches to treatment.

    2. Use the healing power of nature

    As we all know Nature is the greatest healer. The body has the ability to cure and avoid itself from diseases and regain health. The Naturopath’s sole purpose is to assist the body in regaining back and completely improving its natural healing capacity. Since the therapies are completely based on nature processes.

    3. Treat the whole person/Holistic approach

    It is a Naturopathic doctor’s duty to realize and resolves the challenges of growth, vitality, and improvement or simply by maintaining current health for rest of one’s life. They encourage patients to take control for their own wellbeing. Naturopathic physicians are concerned with all aspects of person’s health, including physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and other factors. Cure doesn’t come from outside, it’s only relief. Healing always occurs from within. That’s the reason each person’s recovery from surgery or from diseases are different than other along with same medication.

    Physician as teacher/Promote wellbeing – Health is reflection of how we choose to live. Naturopathic physicians assist patients in recognizing their choices and how those choices affect their overall health and wellbeing. Concentrate on behavioral change, such as diet, exercise and their way of life. Experts at our Nimba nature care village, guide will enlighten you with making better lifestyle decisions and environments which are affecting your well-being. Since, all of these variables are intertwined, they educate you to choose what is best for you.

    4. Believe in prevention

    Prevention should be ultimate goal of any health care system. They place strong emphasize on prevention of disease assessing risk factors and hereditary susceptibility to disease. Naturopathy focuses on the underlying cause of a condition and uses medications that work in tandem with rather than against the body’s natural healing mechanisms. A naturopath not only treats the health challenge but also provides patients specific strategies on how to empower and improve their life by minimizing illnesses from happening in the first place.

    5. Identify and Treat the root cause

    Naturopathy focuses on uprooting the problem from its source and finding the underlying causes of the problem. It never attempt to get rid of illness but, it explores all the factors responsible for diseases, which include: • One’s unnatural habits in living, thinking, working, sleeping, relaxation, sexual indulgence etc. and provides ways and offers ways and mechanisms to minimize or prevent the illness

    Naturopathy aims to educating a person to look after his or her own health and the health of their family, minimizing the symptoms of any illness, strengthening the ability of the body to heal, and balancing the body so that the disease is less likely to occur in the future.

    If you haven’t experienced the benefits of naturopathic medicine for yourself, take the time to get a second opinion on your overall health by making an appointment with our expert naturopathic doctor. You don’t have to be sick to try naturopathy. You may just want to boost your overall health or prevent an illness.

    At our Nimba nature cure village, you can find expert qualified therapist who can assess you in detail and can offers a personalized and customized therapy depending upon the requirement of patient’s body, with an emphasis on overall wellbeing, promoting health and disease prevention.

Nurture your body and mind through Mud therapy !

Nurture your body and mind through Mud therapy !

By: Nimba - March 3, 2021

Our body is made up of 5 basic elements and out of five one is earth. So things coming from earth is best combination with our body. Due to stressful lifestyle we hold so many toxins into our body which cause unhealthy body, mind and soul.                           

Mud – natural element coming from earth which can heal our body, mind and soul holistically and help you lead a better lifestyle. Mud therapy is Slowly gaining popularity globally to treat various health problems. Mud contains a lot of vital nutrients and minerals, essential for the body. It has been found to be effective in curing a wide variety of disorders, such as headache, skin problems, conjunctivitis, in digestion, glaucoma, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc.

There are different type of mud, each with their different therapeutic qualities and distinguishable by their color- black, brown, white, red etc use for different purpose.

How it works?

Mud has a power to absorb and dilute bad toxins from the body which might be making you sick. Applying mud packs around affected area can cure the excess heat and cool down the body from the inside. Also helps to detoxify your body.

There are two type of mud therapy: –

1. Mud packs

  • Mud holds moisture and provide coolness for longer then and other packs.
  • The cool moisture inside the mud relaxes the pores of the skin, draws the blood to the surface, relieves inner congestion, promotes heat radiation and eliminates morbid matter.

2. Mud Bath

  • It is similar to mud pack, but applied almost entire portion of the body.
  • The mud bath is followed by a hot water shower and then a cold water shower.
  • The bath tones up the skin and reenergizes the skin tissues, by improving blood circulation, also know as a cleansing/detox bath.

Properties of mud are as follows:

  • Heat absorbing power
  • Holds moisturizer
  • Eliminate toxins from body
  • Antimicrobial analgesic properties
  • Anti- ageing
  • Anti- inflammation

Benefits of mud therapy:-

  1. Relieve headache – Cooling property of mud relieve headache immediately caused due to dehydration, spending long hours in the heat, excessive stress, inadequate sleep and diet etc.  
  1. Improve digestion – Mud eliminates toxins from the body and improves metabolism, also absorbs intestinal heat and helps to cure constipation, gas, acidity, gurg etc.
  1. Muscle sourness – Mud has anti- inflammatory property which helps to cure swelling /inflammation and relieves pain. Helps with Osteoarthritis, Periarthritis, Rheumatism, Gout by reducing  stiffness of the joints and restricted movements.
  1. Soft and radiant skin – The biggest benefit mud therapy has to offer is for the skin. Exposure to sun, stress, hormonal imbalance, inadequate sleep, unhealthy diet etc  can cause acne, blemishes, dark spots, tanning, early signs of ageing, skin allergies, rashes, redness, etc. Mud eliminates the toxins from skin and reduction of bad effects of Pita in the body. Mud therapy makes skin softer and radiant.
  1. Soft and smooth Hair – Mud has property to hold moisture for longer period which helps to provide moisture and nourishment for your hair and improve hair health. Also helps to cleanse scalp, increase blood circulation , reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.
  1. Eye care – In digital world, we spend major time in front of screen, which is stressful for our eyes. Application of mud around eye area provide cooling layer, reduce stress around the eyes, rejuvenates it and promotes good eye health.
  1. Anxiety, depression – Soft mud can relax the muscles and soothe the mind, helps to improve sound sleep and calmness.

In short, mud formula improves the local circulation in the soft tissues under the skin, reduce inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints (due to excess physical exercise, arthritis or injury). It also balance Dosha in the body (vata, pita, kapha),which gives refreshed and rejuvenated feeling for prolong period. Mud therapy makes you forget all your worries.

Free the Chaos of your Mind with Meditation


Free the Chaos of your Mind with Meditation

By: Nimba - February 11, 2021

Peace. A state of mind that is longed for by all, but can be barely grasped by a few. There are several factors in our day-to-day life that practically grab the idea of peace by the feet and drag it out of our minds every time we even think of it. From work stress to social responsibilities, the distractions are endless. Not only does this make peace hard to achieve, but it also affects our mental and physical health.

Fortunately, there is one activity that can help you free the chaos of your mind: meditation. Being mindful and meditation induces a heightened sense of awareness and improves the attention span. Studies have shown that meditation can also help relieve stress and manage anxiety. Moreover, it improves memory as well.

The peacefulness attained by meditation lasts much longer than the process of meditation. This means that if stress appears at an unreasonable time, you will know the means of redirecting it. Meditation teaches you how to respond instead of reacting to challenging situations.

When meditation is combined with the power of mantra chanting, you can understand the magic of aligning all your chakras and influencing your nervous system. The vibrations created by meditation and mantra changing will eliminate any kind of negativity from your mind and free it from the chaos of everyday life.

At Nimba, we provide dedicated meditation spaces as well, called meditation caves, wherein you can connect with your inner self and have the utmost awareness of your existence.

You can choose to opt for Concentration Meditation, which aids in gaining absolute control over all mental turmoil and disciplines the mind to attract positive energies, or you can opt for Mindfulness Meditation, which obliges you to direct your focal point towards the random, tumultuous thoughts that grow in your mind naturally. This form of meditation allows you to explore the infinite possibilities of your mind and the freedom it experiences.

Whichever mode of meditation you choose, you will certainly find yourself to be more at peace and more in love with yourself and life, once you embrace the holistic development of your mind and soul at Nimba Nature Cure Village.

Udvartana Therapy: Choose the Ayurvedic Way of Treating Obesity at Nimba

Udvartana Therapy: Choose the Ayurvedic Way of Treating Obesity at Nimba

Udvartana Therapy: Choose the Ayurvedic Way of Treating Obesity at Nimba

By: Nimba - January 29, 2021

When the realisation of obesity strikes, people tend to take every measure possible to shed that extra fat. From falling in the trap of sauna fits to opting for a full-fledged surgery, there is no stone left unturned to achieve a healthier body type. However, in the furore trying different obesity solutions, most of the obese patients end up feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. This is why proper guidance is important.

If you are a follower of Ayurveda and wish to adhere to Ayurvedic methods to cure your problem of obesity, then you have come to the right place. An important therapy in Ayurvedic obesity and weight reduction programmes, Udvartana is the prime solution to treat obesity and address issues of being overweight. Moreover, Udvartana is not a sporadic treatment. It can be included in your dincharya and can be performed daily.

The term ‘Udhvarthanam’ comes from the Sanskrit words ‘Urthdhva’, which means upward and ‘Varthanam’, which means movement or motion. In Udvarta, an invigorating full-body massage is done in a rhythmic upwards motion, against the growth of the body hair. The massage is done using a herbal powder or pastes made of stimulating ingredients such as harad, bibhitaki, amla, deodar, senna, kulthi and others. Apart from treating obesity, Udvartana is largely recommended for diabetic neuropathy, paralysis, sciatica and indigestion as well. The rhythmic massage tones the muscles and improves blood circulation. Additionally, it also dissolves excessive fat from the body and nourishes the skin thoroughly.

The herbal powder or paste is briskly rubbed on the entire body for 30 to 45 minutes. The powders used are dry in nature and hot in potency. If a paste is used instead of powder, sesame oil is preferred, which is hot in potency as well. These herbs remove blockages and stiffness in the body. The rhythmic upward motion opens the pores, increases heat in the tissues and stimulates the fat metabolism that pulls away excess fat from the body.

The panel of experienced Ayurved at Nimba Nature Cure Village ensures that the patient’s obesity is cured in the best way possible with Udvartana therapy. At Nimba, you can experience the most holistic wellness treatment of Udvartana that not only reduces weight but also de-stresses and relaxes the body.

The Powerful Healing Benefits of Naturopathy

The Powerful Healing Benefits of Naturopathy

The Powerful Healing Benefits of Naturopathy

By: Nimba - January 18, 2021

Nature is truly miraculous and has the power to heal the human body and mind in the most ingenious ways. The wondrous elements of nature have unparalleled medicinal properties. It bears the capability to cleanse the body and soul from within instead of relying on providing temporary cures. Although the mainstream, western healthcare system ruled the world for quite some time, people have now begun to revisit the roots of natural healing remedies.

The school of medicine that gathers these remedies together is Naturopathy. Holistic wellbeing is Naturopathy’s utmost priority, and its major aspects involve prevention, cure, and promotion of wealth. It strives to strike a balance between your mind and body’s wellbeing and it provides it with the innate power to heal itself. It focuses on diving deep into the roots of the problem and then finding an effective solution to cure it completely, rather than curing it at a superficial level. There are several healing benefits of Naturopathy and it’s a practice that people should consider the following.

It focuses on disease prevention
Naturopathy focuses on uprooting the problem from its root cause and identifying the underlying reason for the condition. It not only heals the condition or ailment, it also provides ways and mechanisms to minimise or prevent the illness. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, the practice of Naturopathy is based exactly on this principle. It tries to devise ways to prevent the condition before it worsens.

It uses traditional and natural treatment methods
Naturopathy utilises the body’s self-healing properties to cure any illness. This means that the chances of developing any side effects are almost negligible. Unlike western medicines, here, the entire body is examined including the lifestyle of the person, mental wellbeing, nutrition and eating habits, sleep pattern etc. after which treatment is recommended to the person by a naturopath.

It brings self-awareness in a person
The process of Naturopathy helps a person connect to their inner-self and gives them the ability to comprehend mind, body and thoughts better. When a person gets to know their own body in a better way, they begin to understand it’s language and what it is trying to communicate. Eventually, the person can begin listening to their own body’s problems. Hence, it increases the self-awareness of a person brings about an amalgamation of physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

It works in synchrony with western medicines
Since Naturopathy does not essentially have side effects, it can work well with western medicines, if guided accurately. Western medicines can provide instant relief while traditional healing remedies like Naturopathy can work alongside to cure the problem of its roots.

The trained Naturopaths at Nimba Nature Cure Village always focus on restoring the natural body functions by trying to get the body to heal itself. With their expertise in traditional healing remedies, they assist in the natural healing ability of the patient’s body. Naturopathy is a highly personalised treatment process, where one makes self-care decisions along with restoring techniques to heal. The experts at Nimba study the patient’s physical, emotional and mental background before recommending treatment to them. This not only helps in solving the problem at the moment but also prepares the body to fight against other diseases in the future.

Find a Holistic Answer to Obesity at Nimba’s Naturopathy Treatment

Find a Holistic Answer to Obesity at Nimba’s Naturopathy Treatment

Find a Holistic Answer to Obesity at Nimba’s Naturopathy Treatment

By: Nimba - December 19, 2020

All across the world, obesity is being observed as one of the fastest-growing issues. The rapid increase in sales and production of the fast-food sector is the most pressing factor for people becoming increasingly overweight. Obesity is a major problem in itself, and to top it, obesity is backed by several other diseases and ailments such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, complications in pregnancy, certain types of cancer, etc.

Age, menopause, slow metabolism, pregnancy, convenience and big bones are just some of the many excuses people give for their obesity. What they don’t realise is that if directed to the right path, obesity and the problems related to it can be cured with comparative ease. One can choose to opt for bariatric surgery for weight loss, however, we would advocate natural treatment through naturopathy for obesity. Naturopathy, as opposed to other surgeries, identifies and gets to the base of the problem and uproots it from the grassroots level. It focuses on holistic healing rather than simply eliminating the ailment from the body temporarily.

One mistake that almost every patient makes is going on random diets. Needless to say, it is a futile practice. Simply dieting is not enough to get rid of obesity. It just makes one feel deprived of food, the nutrition is generally inadequate, they don’t address cravings, they upset the body’s metabolism, and they don’t treat the cause, only the symptoms.

When one chooses the naturopathic route to weight loss and getting rid of obesity, they are signing up for a wonderful programme where their blood sugar level is balanced and insulin sensitivity is improved. Naturopathy boosts the BMR and stimulates thermogenesis. Naturopathic cure for obesity focuses less on diet and more on correcting the underlying imbalance of the body. This creates a plan of care by making lifestyle changes which support the long-term sustainability of health.

Our body has wonderful capabilities along with the intrinsic instinct to heal by itself. Naturopathy merely identifies and removes the barriers of self-healing such as poor diet and low self-esteem. The purpose of external intervention is only to provide support. The treatment plans and guidance of naturopathic cure of obesity is always personalised, for every patient has a unique background of physical, mental, emotional, genetic, environmental, social, sexual and spiritual makeup.

At Nimba Nature Cure Village, you can find the best quality naturopathy treatment for obesity and weight loss, for Nimba not only focuses on curing the problem, but it also gives importance to the holistic wellbeing of the patient. Their courses are customised according to the needs of the patient and their trained naturopathy experts take every little detail into consideration while healing the patient.

So, trace your steps to Nimba Nature Cure Village to facilitate self-healing and develop a healthier lifestyle.

Experience the Power of Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment at Nimba

Experience the Power of Shirodhara Ayurvedic Treatment at Nimba

By: Nimba - December 11, 2020

An ancient science, Ayurveda originated in India centuries ago. It focuses on restoring the balance of the life forces called doshas in the body. There are three doshas, namely Vatt (wind), Pith (bile) and Kapha (phlegm), and Ayurveda brings a balance amongst these three.

A blend of two Sanskrit words, “Shiro” (meaning: head) and “Dhara” (meaning: flow), Shirodhara is an essential healing technique in the field of Ayurveda. In Shirodhara treatment, a liquid such as oil, milk, buttermilk or water is poured with a controlled consistency onto the forehead. Generally, the treatment concludes with a relaxing scalp or head massage.

Shirodhara treatment has a very calming effect on the mind and body. It relaxes the person and has a soothing effect on the mind. Research has also found that it can improve sleep quality, deal with insomnia better, and also reduce stress and anxiety. Moreover, this treatment is considered to be additionally beneficial during the winter months, for it brings a beneficial balance in the body, making it a remarkable winter therapy.

First, you will be asked to lie down on your back and relax. Then, the liquid you choose for your Shirodhara will be heated to match your body temperature which will then be placed in a bowl with a hole in it. This bowl is either hung by a stand or held by the practitioner over your head.
The heated liquid will drip through the hole in the bowl in a way that it lands between your eyebrows. If you want, this treatment can be followed by a massage. Shirodhara treatment approximately lasts for 30 to 90 minutes and is extremely relaxing.

The most popular oil used in Shirodhara treatment is sesame oil because it is neutral and mixes well with essential oils. However, you can choose coconut oil, kseerabala oil, mahanarayan oil or clarified butter as an alternative, and if you do not want to use any oil altogether, you can opt for water, coconut water, animal milk or buttermilk. Additionally, your practitioner may mix a variety of essential oils or ayurvedic herbs for a better healing process.

If you have an allergy or any skin sensitivity, inform your practitioner beforehand. We hope this information helped you and you get the best Shirodhara treatment for yourself.

Based on the studies conducted on a handful of people for the effect of Shirodhara treatment, it has been observed that there are no negative effects of it. Which means that even if it doesn’t benefit you in terms of stress reduction or anxiety reduction, it will help you in calming your mind and soothing your body.

At Nimba, the science of Ayurveda is taken with utmost seriousness. Our experts delve into the emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual traits of the patient during the treatment that would bring them in harmony.

We welcome our visitors to experience holistic healing at a deeper level with the power of Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatments.